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Beautiful Permanent Dental Implants... one office, one day!

Individual Teeth Options

A missing tooth can be successfully replaced with dental implants without affecting the adjacent teeth. After placing the dental implants, Lifetime Teeth Today surgeons will attach the abutments or posts, so as to prepare the substratum for the crown that you will wear.

Dental implants are often very effective alternatives to traditional crowns and bridges. These advanced treatments are designed to both look and function like natural teeth. A dental implant eliminates the need to grind down perfectly good adjacent teeth to serve as bridge supports for the missing tooth, and requires only traditional maintenance such as brushing and flossing. The implant is anchored to the jawbone itself. Then, a customized crown, zirconia, porcelain or acrylic is affixed to the top of the implant. Over time, the implant should fuse to the bone, similar to an actual tooth root.


Dental implants are customized for your unique needs and the best fit possible. Most patients who have dental implants experience results that not only look like natural teeth, but that feel like natural teeth as well. Plus, the results are designed to last a lifetime, as opposed to a standard bridge, which is expected to last an average of seven years.