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Beautiful Permanent Dental Implants... one office, one day!

Dental Implants Deland FL

Residents of Deland FL who are researching Dental Implants are in luck!  LifetimeTeethToday is just a few minutes south! One office, one day!

Why make multiple appointments for dental implants in several different offices? It is no longer necessary; technology has progressed to the point where it is possible to check in a breakfast time, be sedated, then be home by lunchtime with a brand, beautiful permanent set of teeth.

There are 3 things and office needs to have in place to make this a reality. First, a board certified oral surgeon. Always check for board certification, see if the practice specializes in dental implants, check on how many years experience the Oral Surgeon has, and most important; google the doctor! Always put the first and last name of the Oral Surgeon into a google search and read carefully.  If the practice is evasive about who will actually do your surgery, consider that a red flag. This procedure is designed to be a life-long solution, but only when done correctly by an experienced, knowledgeable and reputable oral surgeon.  Dr. Ronald Trevisani holds the unique distinction of board certification; he specializes in dental implants, and is celebrating 20 years of dental excellence.  He also serves on the advisory board for Everest University.

The second element you need to look for is an in-house dental, but you need to ask one more question because not all dental labs are the same. Ask of the dental lab can produce zirconia dental implants on-site. If they do not provide zirconia, or if they have to ship that type of work out to another dental lab, consider that a another red flag. In order to produce zirconia dental, the dental lab needs to have a zirconia milling machine. It is an expensive piece of equipment, and typically found only in quality dental labs.  LifetimeTeethToday has its own ZirkonZahn M5 milling machine which produces the finest quality Prettau Zirconia hybrid bridges.

Why is it so important to have the ability to produce zirconia? Because traditional acrylic bridges and dentures are outdated! Acrylic is basically plastic, it breaks easily. Acrylic prosthetics can only accommodate twenty percent of your normal bite force, while zirconia can accommodate ninety-five percent. One of the biggest complaints is broken bridges and dentures. Breakage is inconvenient, requires an emergency trip back to the doctor, puts your life on hold, and can cause an embarrassing situation in public. You should not have to deal with these issues on top of what you are already suffering.

The third thing that is critically important is having a full-time Prosthodontist on staff.  A Prosthodontist is a specialist who makes sure that your teeth look perfectly natural.  Most in-house and commercial lab standards are not even close to the standards of a well qualified prosthodontist. You will have these teeth for a very long time, very likely your entire life; you do not want to have any regrets. Always ask the facility if they have a full time Prosthodontist on staff to supervise the work of the in-house lab.  At LifetimeTeethToday, we are very fortunate to have one of the best prosthodontists in the state of Florida, Dr. Mohammad K. Zaman.

The good news for Deland residents is that all of these elements are available just a few minutes south at the Maitland Dental Implant Office of LifetimeTeethToday, just off of I-4 on Maitland Blvd. Call today and meet Dr. Ronald Trevisani for your personal consultation!  407-624-5715!