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Beautiful Permanent Dental Implants... one office, one day!

Dental Implants Orlando

Have you been doing your research on dental implants? We recommend that you do! There are many options; people travel great distances to take advantage of this life changing procedure. If you live or work in Orlando, then you’re in luck! Board Certified Orlando Oral Surgeon Dr. Ronald Trevisani is one of the most experienced and successful dental implant specialists in the state.

Dr. Trevisani can provide evaluations at any of four locations in Orlando. The implant center in Maitland (North Orlando) has everything needed to perform the entire procedure in one day. A patient can arrive in the morning, be sedated, and be home by lunchtime with brand new, beautiful permanent teeth.

If patients face the prospect of dentures, or have been suffering with dentures, dental implants are truly life changing. The process, sometimes referred to as “Teeth Xpress”, “Teeth in a Day”, or “All on Four” involves the placement of 4 to 6 dental implants in the upper and lower jaw. A full arch of teeth is then permanently fastened to the dental implants.

The advantages of dental implants over traditional dentures are staggering…

First off; the bite force. Dentures allow for 20% of normal bite force; dental implants allow for 95% of normal bite force, accommodating much more varied and healthy dietary choices.

Taste; Dentures cover the upper pallet; this substantially reduces taste and the enjoyment of food, not to mention the discomfort. A dental implant bridge is a much smaller apparatus, only taking up the same amount of space as natural teeth.

Cleaning: Dentures must be removed for 6 to 8 hours everyday to prevent the buildup of bacteria and mold. Most people soak their dentures in a cleaning solution every night. Having to remove teeth daily for cleaning can lead to a constant anxiety of being seen without your teeth. Dental implant bridges are not removed; you simply brush and floss.

Jaw Shrinkage: The absence of teeth over time will cause your jaw to shrink since there are no longer tooth roots supporting the bone. This can prematurely age a person’s appearance. Dental implants take the place of natural tooth roots, fuse to the bone, and preserve the jaw and youthful appearance.

Stability: Your mouth, absent teeth, continues to change shape over time. Most people require a paste to hold the dentures in place, and often need realignments, or replacement dentures. This is not necessary with dental implant bridges.

Strength: Dentures are made of acrylic. They can change shape and break. Modern dental implant bridges are made of zirconia, one of the hardest materials on earth; even harder than your natural teeth.

With all of these advantages, it is clear to see why dentures will eventually become obsolete; and the sooner the better. Contact Dr. Ronald Trevisani at Lifetime Teeth Today for your consultation today! Call 407-624-5715!