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The Difference between Dentures and Dental Implants

Should I Get Dentures or Dental Implants in Orlando?

Losing one of your teeth can be quite disturbing. Having a gap in your teeth can make you lose your self-confidence and appealing smile. This is why dental implants and dentures are available and can be used to replace the broken, decayed, or even missing teeth.

However, you need to consider some things such as the cost of replacement, durability, longevity, health impact, and convenience, when deciding on which one to choose between dentures or dental implants. For this reason, Lifetime Teeth Today, your dependable Oral Surgeon in Orlando, brings you a detailed comparison between dentures and dental implants to help you decide which is best for you.

What are Dentures?

Dentures are removable devices which can be used for replacing missing, lost teeth and gum tissue. Dentures feature a pink gum-colored acrylic base which provides support for the denture teeth. Dentures can either be complete or partial. While complete dentures are used to replace all the teeth in the lower or upper jaw, partial dentures are used filling in the gaps left between natural teeth.

What Are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is a titanium post which is carefully inserted into the jawbone. It is used to replicate the root of a natural tooth. The Orlando dental implant will form a strong bond with the jawbone. In the process, an anchor will be created to hold the replacement tooth in place. Dental implants in Orlando can be used for the replacement of single tooth and multiple teeth. They can also be used to support dental crowns, bridges as well as dentures.

Comparison between Dental Implants and Dentures

Effect on Jawbone

Dental implants can help preserve the remaining jawbone and still maintain the facial structure. However, over time, dentures decrease the quality of jawbone, thus, leading to further worsening of facial structure.

Feel and Function

Dental implant feel and function exactly like natural teeth, while dentures feel fake and unnatural.

Level of Comfort

Orlando Dental implants offer a high level of comfort to the person using it. They are strong and very stable. They securely attached to the jaw. On the other hand, dentures fail to stay in place and usually slip and move around. On the long run, they can be quite discomforting.

Chewing Capacity

Since dental implants feel and function just like the natural teeth, they can help restore your chewing ability. Unfortunately, you will have restricted chewing capacity with dentures. You will be restricted to particular foods.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Dental implants are easy to clean. You may need to remove your dentures regularly for cleaning. Apart from that, you also need to remake and reline your dentures from time to time.

Comparing Costs

Unlike Orlando dental implants, dentures are a more cost-effective solution in the short-term to tooth replacement. However, additional costs such as buying fixatives, regular cleaning etc., will add up faster than you might think. You will also need to replace your dentures from time to time. This is why dental implants in Orlando are often considered as long-term investments since they have little or no additional cost.

Making a Decision: Dental Implants or Dentures?

Today, dental implants remain the gold standard when it comes to tooth replacement. They imitate natural tooth roots flawlessly, thus, preserving the gum tissue and jawbone. They are also visually appealing and offer better aesthetics.

Dentures are tricky to wear, expensive to maintain and restrict your food choices. You may also need to replace them frequently whereas dental implants offer a permanent solution to your tooth loss issues.

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