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Beautiful Permanent Dental Implants... one office, one day!

How can Dental Implants be Performed in One Day?

shutterstock_145421641One of the many benefits to having dental implant procedures performed at Lifetime Teeth Today is the fact that we can perform every part of the treatment process right here under one roof. With an on-site dental lab, a board-certified Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, an experienced Prosthodontist, and advanced technologies located in one practice, it’s possible for you to arrive in the morning and leave the same day with a beautiful new smile.

Since we are one of the few oral surgery centers in the area that offer such a comprehensive array of on-site services, many patients can achieve fully customized dental implant procedures in a single day. Dr. Ronald Trevisani utilizes state-of-the-art imaging and surgical planning technology to determine the most precise placement possible for the implants. Once that has been accomplished, the implants are placed in the area of the missing teeth. During this process, your custom-designed, permanent dental crown will be created and ultimately placed on the titanium implant for results that both look and feel natural.

Depending on individual circumstances, some patients may require a temporary crown to be placed while the implants themselves fuse to the jawbone and become a permanent part of the mouth. In cases where bone grafting must be performed, there will be a small waiting period between the grafting procedure and dental implant placement to allow for the jawbone to accommodate the implant. However, for many patients, the length of the dental implant treatment process can be dramatically reduced here at Lifetime Teeth Today without sacrificing results!

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