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Beautiful Permanent Dental Implants... one office, one day!

Teeth Express in Orlando

Looking for an alternative to dentures? Modern techniques such as “Teeth Express” are the latest and best solution to permanently replace your dentures… for life.

If you’ve been suffering with dentures, you are not alone. Dentures are uncomfortable; they make chewing difficult, inhibit with healthy diet choices; they require messy pastes to stay in place, prevent you from tasting and enjoying your food, and they need to be removed 6 to 8 hours for cleaning everyday to prevent the build up of bacteria and fungus. Also, since they are made of acrylic, they can easily break. If all that is not bad enough, there is the constant fear of being seen without your teeth, and the long term negative impact on your self esteem.

These days, people no longer need suffer with dentures. With modern options referred as “teeth in a day”, “teeth express” and “all on four”, dentures can be replaced quickly and easily by fastening a full arch of teeth to four dental implants placed securely in the jaw. The teeth are permanent; only removed by the oral surgeon. The patient can eat the foods they love, eat healthy, enjoy the taste of their food, and smile with absolute confidence. And now with the introduction of zirconia dental implants, these teeth are stronger than your natural teeth; and their appearance is the closest yet to your natural teeth. Best of all, to clean them, just brush your teeth!

Visit LIFETIMETEETHTODAY, one of our four offices in Orlando, and talk with Dr. Trevisani about your new smile!